We are delighted to be able to welcome you and your child to St. Michael’s Catholic School nursery. We are very pleased to be able to offer our special educational ethos and approach for children from the age of three, and we look forward to a long and productive working relationship with you so that every child in our care is able to fulfill her or his educational and spiritual potential.

With a wonderful staff team — Mrs Kent, Mrs Moran and Mrs Petic-Batrin — our nursery is a safe and reassuring introduction to the classroom for young children ready to get their first experiences of independent learning. We are very fortunate to be working in a bespoke environment with the latest equipment and resources to support children’s development. Our most recent Ofsted also highlighted the excellent practice we have in the Early Years where teaching and resources were identified as being real strengths of our school.

In this pack you will find some important information about our structures and routines to help ensure that every child settles quickly and easily into nursery.

Teaching in the Early Years Foundation Stage is particularly strong and the wide range of interesting activities on offer supports children’s development well in all areas of learning.
Ofsted 2013

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The Nursery

At St. Michael’s Catholic School we want to make the process of starting nursery as positive as possible for our new children and for you as parents. The guidance below will help everyone with this. Good communication is the key – never be afraid to come and ask questions or pass information on and don’t worry if the nursery team approach you to talk about what has happened in the sessions. This is all part of the process.

What will my child need?

Children should wear the school uniform as outlined:

  • A blue polo shirt with St Michael’s logo
  • A blue sweater / cardigan with St Michael’s logo
  • A pair of blue, cotton jogging bottoms or shorts depending on the weather
  • A pair of comfortable shoes which can be worn inside and out.
  • A pair of wellingtons for outside wear — these must remain in nursery at all times
  • A St. Michael’s book bag for transferring letters and the communication book to and from school.

All uniform is available from the school uniform shop — the National Schoolwear Shop in High Wycombe.

We ask that all children bring a change of clothes as it is easy for children to get wet or messy (or both!) when they are actively learning and this enables us to change them quickly and easily during the session if necessary. We will let you know if your child has used their spare clothing so that this can be replaced for the following day.

All clothing should be labelled and, where possible, anything that children can take on and off should have a hook inserted so that it is easy for them to hang up on a peg. Children must be appropriately dressed for warmth in the winter and protection from the sun in the summer as outside play will form a considerable amount of the children’s learning opportunities. Children often like to hide small items in their pockets! Please discourage children from bringing toys from home as it can cause upset if they are lost or damaged. Equally, we will always be grateful to have any nursery items returned to us!

Behaviour and discipline

The nursery staff will deal with children’s behaviour in a consistent, calm manner and any rules applied are those which related to the health and safety of all children. Our Catholic ethos underpins expectations of pupils’ behaviour towards adults and each other and we will work hard to establish in children a sense of high self esteem and respect for others and the accompanying strategies for dealing with those around them. We appreciate your support in helping children so that they develop self-discipline and a sense of love of those working with them.

Equal opportunities

All children, staff members, parents, governors and visitors who are admitted to the nursery will be treated with respect. Their individuality will be acknowledged, developed and celebrated. Our equal opportuni – ties policy, alongside our racist incidents and behaviour policy are availa – ble for parents on the school website.

Absences, illness and medication

Attendance is key for a child’s success in all aspects of school life and nursery is no different. We encourage good attendance as this is crucial for children’s learning and development. If your child is ill, please call the absence line before 9am. If we have not heard from you, we will make a call as this is part of our child protection procedures. Because children in the nursery phase have a significant amount of close physical contact with each other, please let us know about any infectious illnesses or other health matters which might affect other children or staff. If your child has had sickness or diarrhoea, they must be kept at home for 48 hours in accordance with Health Protection Agency guidance.

The administration of medication follows the same policy as the primary phase of St. Michael’s school — we will not administer medication and children who are on four – daily courses of antibiotics are generally not well enough to be in school. We will supervise the administration of asthma inhalers — please ensure you have one that can be left in the nursery if your child needs one — and leave us with an up-to-date epipen if your child has a serious allergic reaction.

Nursery drop off

At St Michael’s Catholic School we are mindful of the locality in which we operate and of the need to promote safe and sustainable travel to and from school for our pupils. When you are dropping children off by car for nursery please:

  • Observe designated non – parking areas
  • Use the parking spaces and drop off areas provid ed
  • Be considerate to other road users and pedestrians at all times.

As a school we will always

  • Work to promote the use of public transport, biking and walking to school schemes where – ever possible. The nursery has its own scooter park which can be used to promote enjoying in walking to school.
  • Use parking controls such as yellow lines and cones to promote children’s safety.
  • Create additional parking spaces and passing points in the road leading to the school in order to increase capacity and the follow of traffic.
  • Work with the police to identify and prosecute inconsiderate or dangerous road use in School Lane.
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