Chemistry (A Level)

Exam Board: AQA

Course Outline

During the course you will stud a variety of topics in 3 units:

Unit 1: Physical Chemistry

Unit 2: Organic Chemistry

Unit 3: Inorganic chemistry

You will carry out many practical activities including:

  • measuring energy changes in chemical reactions
  • tests for identifying different types of compound
  • different methods for measuring rates of reaction
  • studying electrochemical cells
  • preparation of organic solids and liquids
  • an advanced form of chromatography for more accurate results.

Content & Assessment

Three exams at the end of the two years for A-level:

  • Paper 1 Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry (35%)
  • Paper 2 Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry (35%)
  • Paper 3 All units and Practical Skills (30%)

Your practical skills will be assessed as part of the written exam.


Careers include: analytical chemist, chemical engineer, clinical biochemist, pharmacologist, doctor, research scientist, toxicologist, environmental consultant, patent attorney, science writer.

Staff Contact: Mrs MacLean

Entrance Requirements


  • GCSE Chemistry (triple science) or Additional Science – all Exams required to be grade 6 or above.
  • GCSE Maths AND English – 5 grade or above.

All external applicants to be interviewed by Head of Department to determine suitability.