1. If I do better in my actual results than in my mocks, will I be able to study different subjects?

All offers are made on the basis of your mock results and CAN be changed if your actual results are better. You will be able to study a different subject if you meet the entrance criteria for that subject in addition to the relevant Pathway. PLEASE NOTE: All subjects are conditional on meeting minimum number requirements.

2. Can I study a fourth subject?

A fourth subject is available to students with an ACPS of 45 or above. Eligible students must also meet the entrance cr iteria for the relevant subject. Please note that only subjects marked with an asterisk (*) on the Application Form are available as potential fourth subjects. If you are not sure, feel free to ask for more information.

3. I’ve changed my mind about the subje cts I want to study. What do I need to do?

The more notice you g ive us, the less likely you are to be disappointed! Please inform Mrs McCarthy as soon as possible.

4. I’m an external applicant and I’ve missed the deadline. Can I make a late application?

Yes, but please be aware that your delay in applying may well mean that you will not get the exact choice of courses you would like. Please submit your application form as soon as possible to avoid further delay.

5. How do I confirm my place once I know my actual GCSE results?

You MUST come into school on Year 12 Enrolment D ay and speak to a member of the Key Stage 5 team. We will NOT presume you want a place. It is YOUR responsibility to confirm your place with us.

6. I’d like to have a part – time job outside of school to earn some money. How many hours should I work?

You should regard your studies as your “job” and dedicate the same level of commitment as you would to being in employment. Should you wish to have a part – time job, we recommend you work no more than 8 hours a week.

7. How much homework will I get?

You need to be aware that we expect all Sixth Form students to be completing an hour of independent study for every hour of lesson you receive. We will support you in the transition to working independently b ut we will expect you to take much more responsibility for your own learning.

8. I’ve got a question which has not been answered yet!

Ask Miss Pawlowska! You can f ind her in school or email her: ppawlowska@bucksgfl.org.uk

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