Sixth Form

St Michael’s Catholic School Sixth Form provides students with opportunities they will not find elsewhere. Our Sixth Form students play a key role in the community of our school and help to establish and maintain the ethos of St Michael’s Catholic School. As Head of Key Stage 5, I am constantly impressed with the boundless energy and enthusiasm students display; not only for their studies but for involvement with activities supplementary to them. This most definitely sets our Sixth Form apart from any other; I personally believe the “family” ethos which is embedded across our school from the Nursery up to Year 13 is the key contributor to what makes St Michael’s such a fantastic place to study.

Sixth Form life will present you with challenges and I am confident that with the support of the Key Stage 5 team you will be able to use these as opportunities to grow and develop. Your time in Sixth Form is a transition period during which you have to develop skills which will enable you to go forward into the future you wish to have. We will support you every step of the way and also encourage you to take steps towards being an independent young adult.

We recognise that the Sixth Form has to mirror your developments and itself strive to increase its successes. We are continuing to strengthen our links with higher education establishments and now work closely with both Bucks New University and Oxford University. Establishing a clear target for achievement early on in the Sixth Form is what facilitates the inner drive and motivation necessary to be successful.

Our curriculum continues to offer a broad and balanced selection of both academic and vocational subjects. We offer enrichment courses to supplement study and also provide a comprehensive programme of non-examined subjects.

The Sixth Form is a friendly and welcoming environment where you will never feel without support. I am honoured to work with such a fantastic group of students and I sincerely hope you will want to join us.

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Student to student…

Dear Future Sixth Form Student

Sixth Form as a whole will bring you difficult yet motivating challenges, therefore it essential that you continue the next part of your journey somewhere which inspires you to push and develop yourself as you become an independent learner. For all of us, that was St Michael’s. We therefore want to tell you why we consider it a privilege to be here.

Becoming a part of the Sixth Form means joining a community of students who all work towards a shared goal: to achieve highly. We pride ourselves on support ing each ot her so that nobody ever feels alone. T hose who join us in Year 12 fit right into ‘our family’. Both Years 12 and 13 collaborate to succeed by forming strong friendships through var ious team building experience. During our visit t o the Longridge Activity Centre we have the opportunity to participate in various exercises such as rowing a longboat down the Thames as a team and motivating others to face the climbing wall. These help to form relationships which last through your time in the Sixth Form. The time spent working in the Study Area and socialising in the Common Room also allow you develop your relationships with others.

Moving in to the Sixth Form allows for a greater amount of freedom and independence, not experienced before in school. The study periods allocated in your timetable will allow you to undertake tasks and work which you yourself have prioritised and have chosen to accomplish. Although this is initially a challenge, you soon appreciate the sense of satisfaction and the positive effect on your attainment. Making productive use of time is something which we all find benefits us greatly. It gives us an opportunity to work with friends in an environment where you feel comfortable and eager to learn. St Michael’s will also offer you an abundance of opportunities which you will feel proud to put on your CV or UCAS application. We were provided with so many skills to include in our university application that we struggled to stay within the word limit! St Michael’s provides you with all the support and advice you may need when finally applying to university. They make sure that everyone is aiming for where they want to be and they push us to reach that aim.

There is more to St Michael’s then just hard work; the school offers many things which we as Sixth Form students can lead and take part in. This includes: Teacher Christmas Pantomime, Fundraising Events, Sporting Events (lunchtime PE clubs) and supporting students in both the primary and secondary phases of the school.

We wish you the best of luck for results day and we hope that your experience as Sixth Form Students is as enjoyable and rewarding as ours was.


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