French (Year 11)

Course overview – Year 11

Autumn Term

Home and Environment/Home and Local Area

  • Special occasions celebrated in the home
  • Home, town, neighbourhood and region where it is and what it is like


  • Current problems facing the planet
  • Being environmentally friendly within the home and local area

Spring Term

Work and Education Home and Local Area School/College and Future Plans

  • What school/college is like
  • Pressures and problems
  • Current and Future Jobs
  • Looking for and getting a job
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different jobs

Summer Term

Examination preparation

How to help

Over the two year course, pupils must complete at least 2 oral tasks and 2 written tasks which make up 60% of
the total mark. In Year 10, pupils will already have completed two written tasks and at least one spoken task.
During the Autumn and Spring terms there will be the completion of any written and oral tasks.
In the June examination series, the Reading and Listening Examinations make up the remaining 40% of the GCSE mark.

The reading and listening components are tiered: Foundation (grades C-G) and Higher (A*-C).

The teacher will discuss with your child which tier is suitable and the teacher’s decision is final.

At St Michael’s Catholic School, we follow the AQA exam specification.

Items you could purchase for your child to support their learning:

CGP GCSE French AQA Complete Revision Guide with Audio CD – £14.99 ISBN: 978 1 84762 432 1
CGP GCSE French AQA Revision Guide (Higher) – £4.95 ISBN: 978 1 84762 283 9
CGP GCSE French AQA Revision Guide (Foundation) – £4.95 ISBN: 978 1 84762 284 6
CGP GCSE French AQA Workbook (Higher) – £4.95 ISBN 978 1 84762 415 4
GCSE French Interactive Vocab Tester – DVD-ROM and Vocab Book – £7.50

Useful Links

BBC Languages –
Audio and video courses in a range of languages, essential phrases and beginners courses

Bourne Community College –
An archive of language resources covering French, German, Spanish and Italian and organised by topic

Languages Online –
Interactive activities in French, Spanish, German and Italian and good for developing grammar

Linguascope –
Interactive activities in French, Spanish, German, Italian and English. KS3 = Beginner level / KS4 = Intermediate
level Log in details: User ID = “stmsch”, password = chanel5

Podcastmania –
Supporting materials including podcasts, videos and other resources

MFL Sunderland –
Resources covering a range of topics and including grammar, writing, audio visual and

GCSE Bitesize –
Revision resources for the GCSE French course including listening, reading, speaking and writing at
foundation and higher tier – Worksheets and revision resources covering a range of


Memrise –
a downloadable app for learning small chunks of vocabulary