French (Year 10)

Course overview – Year 10

Autumn Term

  • Health – lifestyles and consequences
  • Relationships and choices – future
  • plans – marriage, family and friends

Spring Term Summer Term

  • Leisure – free-time activity
  • Media
  • Shopping – money, fashion
  • New technology

Summer Term

  • Holidays – getting around
  • Plans/preferences
  • Home and Environment
  • Local area
  • Special occasions
  • Neighbourhood and region

How to help

GCSE French will be examined in topic areas in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Speaking and
writing elements count for 30% each, with reading and listening counting for 20% each. The written
component will comprise two pieces of coursework to be submitted over the 2 year period – all must be done
under exam conditions. The two pieces will be selected from a number completed across the two years. The pieces of coursework must be the pupil’s original work.

In Year 10, at least two written tasks and a speaking task will be completed.

At St Michael’s Catholic School, we follow the AQA exam specification.

Items you could purchase for your child to support their learning:

CGP GCSE French AQA Complete Revision Guide with Audio CD – £14.99 ISBN: 978 1 84762 432 1
CGP GCSE French AQA Revision Guide (Higher) – £4.95 ISBN: 978 1 84762 283 9
CGP GCSE French AQA Revision Guide (Foundation) – £4.95 ISBN: 978 1 84762 284 6
CGP GCSE French AQA Workbook (Higher) – £4.95 ISBN 978 1 84762 415 4
GCSE French Interactive Vocab Tester – DVD-ROM and Vocab Book – £7.50

Useful Links

BBC Languages –
Audio and video courses in a range of languages, essential phrases and beginners courses

Bourne Community College –
An archive of language resources covering French, German, Spanish and Italian and organised by topic

Languages Online –
Interactive activities in French, Spanish, German and Italian and good for developing grammar

Linguascope –
Interactive activities in French, Spanish, German, Italian and English. KS3 = Beginner level / KS4 = Intermediate
level Log in details: User ID = “stmsch”, password = chanel5

Podcastmania –
Supporting materials including podcasts, videos and other resources

MFL Sunderland –
Resources covering a range of topics and including grammar, writing, audio visual and

GCSE Bitesize –
Revision resources for the GCSE French course including listening, reading, speaking and writing at
foundation and higher tier – Worksheets and revision resources covering a range of


Memrise –
a downloadable app for learning small chunks of vocabulary