Art (Year 9)

Course overview – Year 9

During Year 9 students focus further on developing a strong foundation of skills towards GCSE level.
As well as continuing to develop and practice key skills in drawing and colour theory, students are
introduced to using acrylic paint within their work. Students are introduced to significant art movements
such as Surrealism allowing them to investigate theories in creativity and imagination as well as
continuing to independently develop drawing skills. Students also use literature, such as Roald Dahl, as
starting points to develop ideas to create 3D characters. Throughout the year students will complete
formal drawing assessments working up a pyramid of skills theory.

  • Encourage your child to record visual experiences through drawing, taking photographs,
    gathering images and keeping them in a scrapbook.
  • Encourage your child to do various craft activities to improve and develop fine motor skills,
    control, confidence and competence.
  • You could take your child to visit art galleries, sculpture parks and museums.
  • Encourage your child to find out about various artists and designers.
  • Encourage your child to experience and take part in festivals and celebrations.
  • Encourage your child to watch television programmes related to art, design and craft, e.g. Art
  • Encourage your child to use ICT, where possible, with his/her art work.
  • Encourage your child to evaluate their work, discussing strengths and weaknesses with you and
    how it could be modified or improved.
  • Encourage your child to participate in decorating decisions around the home.
  • Encourage your child to build up a visual language vocabulary e.g. line, shape, tone, form,
    pattern, texture, dimension, etc.
  • Encourage your child to appreciate the wide diversity within Art and Design e.g. painting,
    sculpture, architecture, furniture design, stained glass, graphic design, animation, weaving,
    pottery, stage designs, advertising, interior design, etc.

Useful Links

Leeds Art Gallery –
Visitor information, what’s on guide, images and details about exhibitions.

Saatchi Gallery and Online –
Information, exhibitions, a video tour, gallery listings and more.

Tate Online –
Information on the four art galleries housing the UK’s collection of British art from 1500 and of
international modern art.

Wotartist –
A free online fine art directory / gallery providing links to artist websites and the opportunity to
create e cards using contemporary artwork.