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Radio One are currently running a campaign about wellbeing and have loads of useful resources, clips from celebs talking about their problems and links, encouraging young people to talk about mental health.

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Click here to read an article recently posted in the telegraph about mental health in children and young people – are any of these issues affecting you?

Heads Together wants to help people feel much more comfortable with their everyday mental wellbeing and have the practical tools to support their friends and family. Visit the website for loads of useful information here.


Recently we have been exploring mindfulness and some relaxation techniques.
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  1. What is Mindfulness?
  2. Helpful Attitudes
  3. Enjoying Silence
  4. Loving Ourselves and Others
  5. Learning to Forgive Ourselves
  6. Sport and Leisure

Student wellbeing is vital to the success of St Michael’s as a Catholic community. Positive students will generate successful students. Those people that are content with the person that they are and their relationships with others are generally more successful in life.

It’s really important that each student can identify an adult in school that they could go to if something is troubling them. Everyone will have good days and bad days but if there is something you feel you need help or support with remember “it’s good to talk”. Talking is a choice of course and not something to be forced. However, it is important to remember that not talking things through with a neutral person could mean that your problem will get worse and affect you more significantly over time.

Lastly as mentioned in my wellbeing assembly you don’t always know what is going on in someone else’s life “bubble”. Be mindful that you might not have a full understanding or any idea at all about the challenges that another individual is coping with.

Top tips:

  1. Know in your mind who you would go to if you did have a problem
  2. Check in with others; ask them how they are especially if you know that they have recently faced difficult situations.
  3. Think before you speak; be mindful and sensitive towards others.
  4. Smile and approach situations with positivity! 🙂

To get in touch, email us: wellbeing@stmichaels.bucks.sch.uk

Mrs Collins – DSL Whole School
Justine – School Counsellor

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