ST MICHAEL’S CATHOLIC SCHOOL: Governing Body Structure & Attendance 2018-2019

Information required by law. Updated November 2018

The governing board structure at St Michael’s is based on a distributed leadership model, with governors taking a lead on specific roles. The roles allocated and accepted by governors are noted in the tables below as position.

The Chair of Governors at St Michaels is responsible for organising the work of the governing board and works to support fellow governors in contributing to the successful delivery of the boards objective which is:

To ensure high standards of achievement for all children and young people in the school by:

  • Setting the school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

The governing body has reorganised its work for 2018-2019. Governors have worked with the School Improvement Partner to increase the Boards ability to achieve its objective. This new year the Board will meet in Full Governing Board Meetings twice termly (6 fixed scheduled meetings). The Board have agreed that they will meet up to 10 times, or, as required. 6 meetings are scheduled around the monitoring of progress of the school development plan focused on school improvement, student’s progress, financial control and management and sharp focus on key priorities. The 4 reserve meetings and, more if required, will be arranged to respond to need.

The Governing Board now have an annual Strategy Day. The inaugural strategy day was held in July 2017 focused on the development of the school’s Mission and Vision. The second strategy was on Friday 6th July 2018 which focused on progress of the Mission and Vison. Our 3rd Strategy Day will focus on the process of creating a new 5 year development plan.

The Chair is supported by all governors, but key roles are:

  • Chair, SEN, Pupil Premium
  • Vice Chair, Standards
  • Vice Chair, Health & Safety, Equality
  • Safeguarding
  • Catholic Life
  • Brian Green
  • Lisa Casey
  • Moira Keane
  • Michelle RogersFather
  • Sean Healy & Angela O’Connell

Succession planning is an essential part of our role as a sustainable governing board, so these key areas will be appointed a shadow. Personal development is supported by our development governor, Henry Opiola and the board undertakes an annual skills audit and training arranged based on identified need.

The governing board are members of the National Governors Association and receive training through Buckinghamshire Learning Trust. Each governor has agreed to two training courses per year to develop their leadership skills, competencies and confidence. The Chair of Governors successfully completed the Leaders in Governance Development Programme, Cohort 9 in 2017.

Brian Greene
Chair of Governors


D. Brian Greene

Chair of Governing Board
Foundation Governor Term of Office Ends 2020

I am a former pupil of St Bernard’s and left the school in 1982 to start a career in retail banking with Barclays in London. I was an Assistant Manager when I left the bank in 1992 to start a career in music as a professional freelance drummer. I have been fortunate to have had a very varied musical career working in television, studio recording, live performance as well as being closely involved in music education as a University Lecturer. Currently, I am a professional drummer, running my own drum teaching practice, as well as owning and running a digital music education business.

My wife, Claire and I have three children and we have been parents with children at our school for over 17 years. I was elected as a parent governor and joined the governing board in the autumn of 2008. It is a privilege to be involved with the professionals at St Michael’s and to be able to serve our community and the many rich and diverse communities that we are a part of.

I served a term as a parent governor and was then asked to continue as a foundation governor. I am now in my fourth and final term of office and will leave the board in the summer of 2020.

I have developed my understanding and skills as a governor by being involved with the continuous development that is available to governors and I completed the National College for Teaching & Leadership, Chairs of Governors’ Leadership Development Programme this year.  I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to be on the Board and am passionate about doing the best we can, as a community, to support the development of Catholic education in Buckinghamshire, the careers of our staff and, care for, support and deliver the best possible outcomes for our children.

Lisa Casey

Vice Chair of Governing Board
Local Authority Governor Term of Office Ends 2021

Originally from Ringwood on the south coast In 1993 I gained a BA (Hons) degree from Sunderland University and then went on to study for a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE Primary) at the University Of Manchester. I moved to London and began my teaching career in Hillingdon then Camden before moving on to work in Special Educational Needs (SEN) departments in various Local Authorities.

Following the birth of my son in 2009 I set up my own business in the area of SEN and we currently do different types of work in this area for different Local Authorities. As well as consultancy work we mainly write Education, Health and Care Plans.

I have been involved in education my whole life and I am now lucky enough to be a Governor at St Michael’s School which my son also attends. Governance is very different from my other roles.

Outside my governor role I have been involved in planning a number of events to raise money for the school and help our community come together. I am very much committed in my role as a governor of the school. I am also privileged to be part of a strong governing body who work jointly to ensure that the children who attend St Michael’s have the best Catholic education experience possible.

Moira Keane

Foundation Governor Term of Office Ends 2019

I joined the team as a Foundation Governor in May 2015.

Married to Mike, I am Irish, a catholic and have lived in England now for 28 years. Before our children, my career lay in office administration, beauty, sales, presentations, training and management. I’m fortunate now to be a ‘stay at home’ mum, allowing me the freedom and flexibility to effectively carry out my Governor roles. I am also a Colour & Image Consultant and a business owner, working intermittently throughout the year.

As well as St Michael’s, I’ve been a Parent and now Co-Opted Governor at Butlers Court Primary School in Beaconsfield for the past 6 years. I was a very active PTA Chair/Member throughout my children’s Primary School years, this being the reason I became interested in school governance. My Governor roles at St Michael’s include Health, Safety & Premises and Equalities & Diversity.

My two sons are currently attending the Secondary Phase at St Michael’s. As a mother of three, I am passionate about our children’s educational ‘experience’.  I attend regular training to develop my skills as a Governor and thoroughly enjoy listening, helping and contributing ideas at our Governor meetings.

I’m excited and privileged to be part of an extremely dedicated team, all committed to supporting and driving our school forward in these changing times – always helping to ensure a caring, challenging and well-rounded education for our children.

Michelle Rogers

Foundation Governor Term of office Ends 2021

I was elected as a Parent Governor for St Michael’s Catholic School in November 2014 and then became a foundation Governor in September 2017. I am currently the nominated ‘safeguarding’ Governor.

Professionally, I am a Solicitor and Partner of a law firm.  I am responsible for and run one of our branch offices and I practice and specialise in Litigation.

My son and daughter currently attend St Michael’s Catholic Primary School.

I volunteered to become a school Governor, as I wanted to play an active part in assisting the school to deliver the best Catholic education possible for our children.  I have found the role of Governor, very interesting and look forward to continuing the role over the coming years.

Henry Opiola

Development Governor
Foundation Governor Term of Office Ends 2020

I was privileged to be appointed a Foundation Governor at St Michael’s in March 2016, since which time I have been fortunate to work with a very passionate and caring team of people dedicated to serving the needs of pupils at St Michael’s.

Married with three boys, life is never dull and certainly never quiet. Weekends are spent trying to unwind by watching my demanding Arsenal and being of a certain age Frasier ticks all the boxes for my TV viewing, plus the Last Leg!

Professionally, I work as an IT Architect for Barclays Bank serving the needs of the banks European customer base.

Clare Thompson

Associate Governor Term of office Ends 2019

Clare has joined us to support the opening and development of the Aylesbury Satellite. Maria is the Chair of St Louis Catholic School in Aylesbury which is a partner in the Bucks Catholic School Partnership.

Maria Harty

Associate Governor Term of office Ends 2019

Maria has joined us to support the opening and development of the Aylesbury Satellite. Maria is the Chair of St Edwards Catholic Junior School in Aylesbury, another partner school in the Bucks Catholic School Partnership.

Sonia Adamo-Ibbotson

Associate Governor Term of office Ends 2019

Sonia has joined us to support the opening and development of the Aylesbury Satellite. Sonia is the Chair of St Joseph’s Catholic Infants School in Aylesbury, another partner in the Bucks Catholic School Partnership.

Angela O’Connell

Foundation Governor Term of Office Ends 2021

Following a Catholic Education in both the North West and South of East England, my career commenced with Barclays Bank PLC (1983-1996) where I operated at Senior Management and Board level as an Organisational Design and Development Consultant for the Barclays Group.     My knowledge and expertise were formally developed through BBPLC Management Development Program, Ashridge Management College and London Business School.

My desire to have wider influence led me forming Michelangelo Partnership – Business Consultants and Architects (1996-2002), where in addition to work within the corporate sector, we acted as key consultants in the development of the first City Learning Centres for the DFE and successfully delivered 3 Centres for Liverpool.

For 25 years I have worked internationally as an Organisational Design and Development Consultant and have experience across a diverse range of sectors including: financial services, property, facilities management, leisure, chemical engineering, retail and education.  I am experienced at working at both strategic and operational levels to ensure real transformation and individual / organisational effectiveness.

My current role as Global Head of Workforce Services at IAOCR, enables me to continue my commitment for the development of human potential through the accreditation of competences of professionals within International Clinical Research Industry.  I am currently involved the development of an Apprenticeship for the Clinical Research Industry and have recently developed and launched the first accredited Leadership Program for Clinical Research Industry, working in collaboration with Kellogg School of Management in Chicago.

My husband Tony and I have twin 15 years old boys and are all active members of our parish, St Dunstan’s Bourne End.  Prior to being appointed a governor of St Michael’s in January 2017, I acted as lead facilitator for the South Bucks Pastoral Area Plan.

I am currently engaged in undertaking the portfolio of governor training modules to ensure that I am effective in my role as a governor of St Michael’s.  My passion is to ensure that we provide all our children with the opportunity to experience the values of a Catholic Education which will support and realise their potential and lead to better outcomes for all.

Andrew Payne

Foundation Governor Term of Office Ends 2021

Dinorah Cabel

Parent Governor Term of Office Ends 2021

I was born in Mexico City and came to live in the UK to study language and writing in 2003.  I had a particular interest in journalism, and received a National Diploma in Freelance Journalism.  I am also a qualified interpreter and translator for public service.

I worked as a Nanny for 7 years, re-entering corporate employment as a PA to executives.  I left to become a full-time mother to my children Damien and Andrea, supporting my husband, Lewis, in progressing his career.

I’m interested in working closely with the school’s Head Teacher and senior Leadership Team to support a positive environment in which our children can receive and actively engage in an academic, religious and spiritual education.

I look forward to making a valuable contribution, providing a positive impact to the school in my duties as Governor. I am excited to meet and get to know and work with the Board.

Mr J Kape

Parent Governor Term of Office Ends 2021

Mr M Fisher

Parent Governor Term of Office Ends 2021

Mr G Fay

Head teacher Governor

Garret Fay is the Executive Headteacher of St Michael’s Catholic School Wycombe and Aylesbury.

Mrs L Nye

Staff Governor

Terms End November 2018

Louise is the current staff governor and teacher in the Primary Phase of SMCS Wycombe. An election is planned to provide a new staff governor from January 2019 with a term of office to 2023.

Monsignor Sean Healy

Foundation Governor term of Office Ends 2021

Monsignor is the Parish Priest for St Teresa’s & St Dunstan’s, the Churches that serve Beaconsfield and Bourne End.


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