Parental Involvement in nursery life

We very much welcome your involvement in all aspects of your child’s life in our nursery. As well as our stay and play sessions, there will be other, regular opportunities for you to come and join your child for different learning events and activities and we welcome all opportunities to speak to you about your child’s learning and development.

If something is happening at home that might affect your child, please do let us know immediately. This might be the arrival of a sibling, moving house, changes to parental working hours, the loss of a pet, illness of a relative or friend or any other changes to family circumstances. We treat all information with complete confidentiality but it is vital that we are in possession of facts that might change your child’s usual responses to nursery life. Please also let us know if anything is worrying your child so that we can do something about this straight away.

Parents are welcome to come in and talk to the nursery staff about their child at the end of the session and there will also be a more formal opportunity planned during each term to speak with your child’s key worker about their learning and development. You can also access your child’s ‘learning journey’ at any time and we really welcome any contributions that you might have to this document — something that your child has learnt to do or is really excited about can be noted down and passed on or sent in.

If you have any talents or skills that you think might be appropriate for our nursery children, do let the staff team know — reading stories, gardening, knitting, playing a musical instrument or knowledge of a different language are all really helpful and we are happy to have additional adults in the nursery working with children.

We will also need collections of things which we can use for creative work such as: washed milk bottle tops, old greetings cards, plain paper or card, used stamps, sweet or chocolate wrappings, buttons, scraps of material, ribbon or wool or soft wood. They are all useful for us. Before you throw anything away, do consider whether we might be able to make use of it.

Finally, we do ask parents for a 50p weekly contribution to materials and snacks for the nursery. This can be paid weekly or termly and should be sent in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name. Occasional donations of tissues are also very welcome!

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