Learning and the Curriculum

At St. Michael’s nursery we will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, supported by use of the document ‘Development Matters’. The children’s day will start with an opportunity for them to access an activity, to self register and to get involved in learning from the very beginning of the day.

Children will then have a short session with their key worker to consolidate some basic learning skills before making their choice to access the wealth of resources and activities that will have been planned by the teachers. Children will learn predominantly through self initiated play and interaction with one another and with the adults working in the nursery. They will be involved in some structured sessions which will support the development of their phonics over the course of the week.

The curriculum is fully inclusive and encourages every child to develop key learning skills and their own talents by working on those aspects that interest them. Teachers will plan activities based on children’s fascinations and questions so that they are inspired to find out more and become independent learners.

The teaching team will assess children in three prime areas of learning – language and communication, physical development and social and emotional development — as well as in the four specific areas of learning — literacy, mathematics, knowledge and understanding of the world and creative development. Children’s achievements will be captured in their learning journeys which are available to look at at any time and we welcome your contribution to these at all times.

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum does not outline the order in which children should acquire key skills nor is there a simply a tick list of what they should be able to do. Instead, the children’s teachers are there to provide a range of experiences and opportunities which will help them develop important independent learning skills to prepare them for their future education. You can do the same at home by spending quality time with your child, sharing books, learning nursery rhymes and songs, counting objects and observing and talking to them about the world around them and about what they have done in nursery.

In the nursery you will see children involved in many different activities including: sand, water, clay, dough, painting, gluing, cutting, drawing, writing, sewing, house play, block play, building or making with a variety of equipment, cooking, working on the computer, reading and listening to books or audio stories, singing and playing with musical instruments. These activities are accessed inside and outside although children will also have access to a large sandpit, trikes, bikes and cycles and gardening and digging opportunities outside.

The staff have worked as a team to build on the success of the reception area, providing the new nursery with a wide range of equipment, including a superb outdoor play area set up with a variety of experiences for children to explore.
St. Michael’s
Ofsted 2013

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