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Bosch Smart Future Challenge, Tuesday 20th November 2018, Period 1 -4

Please see important information here to be used for preparation before the workshop

Bosch creates smart solutions for a smart future. As one of the world’s largest suppliers of cutting-edge automotive technology, smarter mobility is a key business focus for Bosch. From automated shuttle services to connected parking, Bosch explores all areas of mobility where life can be made easier through connected, electrified, and automated mobility solutions. Bosch is now looking for innovative ideas to how these new technologies can be applied in local areas.

The Careers Department is delighted to provide the opportunity for the whole year group 10 to participate in the ‘In-school competition’. In preparation for the actual workshops, year 10 will have an assembly delivered by Bosch and will be tasked to track their mobility for a week and record their movements in a mobility diary. On the day they will be briefed and guided by Bosch staff members, work in teams and identify two transport issues in their local area and solutions to these in a presentation to a judging panel. There will be fantastic prizes for the 3 winning teams.



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