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Head of School Blog #5

Rap Challenge for Year 7 (WB 1st October)

In this week’s gospel, we hear the following from Mark:

John said to Jesus, ‘Master, we saw a man who is not one of us casting out devils in your name; and because he was not one of us we tried to stop him.’ But Jesus said, ‘You must not stop him: no one who works a miracle in my name is likely to speak evil of me. Anyone who is not against us is for us.”

I reminded pupils in assembly that this piece of scripture goes to the heart of our school, its diversity. Our strength is the way in which we model Catholic principles to guide our youngsters in developing values that will ensure that they have a positive impact on all who meet them, regardless of their own background or faith.

We also sang “When I needed a neighbour” which will remain at the core of our communal, prayerful celebrations during this Harvest Season when we will also work with our Chaplaincy monitors to encourage enterprise in our fundraising.

The pupils were introduced to a hip-hop style backing track to go with this hymn with a section that was instrumental. This is where the pupils come in. I have challenged them to incorporate their own “rap” into the hymn which we can perform at other celebratory events. The rap simply needs to build on the themes of the hymn as to how we fight poverty and injustice and strive to care for the most vulnerable. The pupils are welcome to use modern-day examples of this or they could produce a rap about someone who is inspirational in living this message.

To stream/download the backing track, please click here.



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